RideShare Service DC, MD, VA



It was an idea so simple at the time. Blend the cost-efficiency of a shared commute among like-minded professionals already heading to the same part of the city each day into a hassle-free service ready for them to ride with ease.

The result was Maryland RideShare. The year was 1978, and while looking back now the traffic of that era seems quaint, just like today, our very first van pool was all busy professionals looking for ways to save money while making their commute more relaxing and enjoyable.

Here's how it works. We pair colleagues and professional neighbors all heading from the same convenient spot each morning to a convenient drop-off point they all share in the city. We supply the van, all maintenance, insurance, and even the gas. Each group assigns several designated drivers who rotate driving the van in and out of the city each day for the group. At the end of each day, everyone boards the van at a predetermined group time and all ride right back to the morning pick-up spot where the van is parked until the next workday when the process repeats.

Van Pooling Makes Sense For The Environment And Your Bottom Line

Everyone meets in the same spot each morning for departure right back in the van (typically 12 passengers) and all head together to single shared destination, or in some cases, a destination with a couple of stops for certain members to get off along the way.

In some cases, we literally have vans filled completely with co-workers who all live convenient to one another that ride to one single office each morning. Even better, in most cases, each rider's transportation benefit pays for their entire membership with Maryland Rideshare.

It's the ultimate win-win. You get to ride with co-workers and nearby professionals to your office each morning, you get the company and relaxation of a shared commute, and you save money, gas, and a toll on the environment all at the same time.

We have a list of our current routes here on the website, but we are also constantly forming new routes too, so if you have an interest in finding space in a van that's right for you, feel free to contact us here and tell us more about where you start your commute each morning and where you work