Maryland Ride Sharing, Van Pool Commuter Routes Makes Dollars and Sense


One of the first questions new van riders usually have is how much does van ridership cost each month. Not all, but most of our riders use their transportation benefit available from their employer to pay for their ridership in full. Here's how it works:

Each van is leased to a group for a flat rate that covers rental of the van, fuel, and maintenance costs.  So the cost to ride depends completely on the number of riders.  If there are 10 riders in a 15 passenger van the cost would be $200 each.  If there are 15 riders then the number drops to $135 each.  Van ridership currently ranges between $135 and $255 a month depending on the route and the number of riders.

The Smart Way To Commute

If you have a question about a specific van opening, or would like to inquire about or start a van route of your own, feel free to get in contact with us.